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Sermons are listed in Alphabetical Order by Topic or Biblical Book
(All Sermons by Mondo Gonzales except those as guest speakers)

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Guest Speakers


1 Corinthians 13- What Love Looks Like


Christmas- The Celebration of the Messiah’s Birth


Election, Predestination, God’s Sovereignty, Human Responsibility

  • To access the full play list of the YouTube teaching videos on Election click HERE
  • Lecture 1  VIDEO– Introduction to the Doctrine of Election  NOTES 
  • Lecture 2  VIDEO– God’s Sovereignty   NOTES 
  • Lecture 3  VIDEO– Free Will in Philosophy, Bible, and Theology   NOTES 
  • Lecture 4  VIDEO– Jesus’ View on Human Depravity and Free Will   NOTES
  • Lecture 5  VIDEO– The Bible on Human Depravity, Free Will and Prevenient Grace NOTES
  • Lecture 6 VIDEO – The Bible and God’s Decrees  NOTES
  • Lecture 7  VIDEO – Election and Foreknowledge; Exposition of Romans 9:1-24  NOTES
  • Lecture 8  VIDEO – Election: Prayer, Evangelism; Exposition of Romans 9:25-10:21  NOTES
  • Lecture 9  VIDEO – Exposition of Romans 11:1-36; God’s Plan for All the Remnant  NOTES
  • Lecture 10 VIDEO– Paradoxical Passages Part 1- Does God Love Everyone the Same? NOTES
  • Lecture 11 VIDEO– Paradoxical Passages Part 2- Does God Desire All to Be Saved? Does He Have More Than One Will? NOTES
  • Lecture 12 VIDEO– Election and the Order of Salvation; How does this influence Perseverance? NOTES
  • Lecture 13 VIDEO– Paradoxical Passages Part 3- Warning passages and Perseverance  NOTES
  • Lecture 14 VIDEO– Paradoxical Passages Part 4- Atonement and Assurance  NOTES

Ephesians: Living out God’s Riches for God’s Glory


Essential Jesus: The Man, The Mission, The Message (Studies in the Gospels)


Galatians- Living in the Power of the Gospel by the Holy Spirit


The Bible and the Gay Question


Job Book Study (The entire book of Job in 1 hour)


Jonah – The Unfathomable Depth of God’s Gracious Mercy


Lamentations- Drawing Near to God in Life’s Disruptions


Malachi – Overcoming Spiritual Indifference and Complacency


1 Peter – Living for the Glory of God in a Hostile World


2 Peter – Avoiding the Snare of Skepticism & False Teaching

Proverbs- Wisdom for Life


Psalms- Comfort and Praise for Life


The Reformation- Examining the 500 year anniversary


Resurrection Week


Ruth- God’s Providential Faithfulness and His Invitation to Us


The Screwtape Letters by C.S. Lewis (A Theological and Biblical Examination)

  • Click HERE for link to our video presentations where we examine each letter comprehensively.

The Seven Churches of Revelation- Jesus’ Assessment and Counsel 

(The Seven Churches of Revelation Outline PDF)


Study of Prophetic Sign Posts


Understanding the Background of the Creation/Evolution Debate


Unseen Realm- Understanding our Future Glory as God’s Vice-Regents

  • Session 1 Video – Introduction- Principles for Interpreting the Bible  NOTES
  • Session 2 Video – Introduction to Divine Council Part 1   NOTES
  • Session 3 Video–  Divine Council Part 2- NOTES    Ancient versions of Exodus 21-22
  • Session 4 Video–  Divine Council Part 3- NOTES    Unseen Realm Meta-narrative Timeline
  • Session 5 Video–  The Nature, Function, and Status of OT Elohim- Part 1  NOTES
  • Session 6 Video–  The Nature, Function, and Status of OT Elohim- Part 2  NOTES
  • Session 7 Video–  The Nature, Function, and Status of OT Elohim- Part 3  NOTES
  • Session 8 Video– The Nature, Function, and Status of OT Elohim- Part 4  NOTES
  • Session 9 Video– The Nature, Function, and Status of NT Elohim- Part 1  NOTES
  • Session 10 Video– The Nature, Function, and Status of NT Elohim- Part 2  NOTES
  • Session 11 Video– The Nature, Function, and Status of NT Elohim- Part 3  NOTES
  • Session 12 Video– Understanding the Image of God and Garden of Eden  NOTES
  • Session 13 Video–   The First Rebellions (Satan and Adam and Eve)  NOTES
  • Session 14 Video– The Curses of Genesis 3; Genesis 6 Nephilim Part 1  NOTES
  • Session 15 Video– The Rebellion of Genesis 6 Part 2  NOTES
  • Session 16 Video– The Tower of Babel Rebellion Part 1  NOTES
  • Session 17 Video– The Tower of Babel Rebellion Part 2  NOTES
  • Session 18 Video– Questions and Answers About Unseen Realm
  • Session 19 Video– Abraham’s Seed as God’s New Nation and God’s War  NOTES
  • Session 20 Video– God’s War Against the Elohim of Egypt  NOTES  10 PLAGUES CHART
  • Session 21 Video– Questions and Answers #2 about Unseen Realm
  • Session 22 Video– God’s “Ban” Against Elohim Rebel Offspring (Genocide?)  NOTES