Tahoe Community Church began as a mission, and we continue to feel that missions are important to what churches do in keeping with the commission of Christ.  Extending their witness and ministry beyond themselves to bring all persons to Christ and to glorify God.  Listed below are a few of the ways we participate in missions from local to international levels.

Tahoe Community Church Global and Local Missions

Overseas Missionary Fellowship (OMF) Tim and Susan Driscoll: Have been working and starting churches in Japan since 1995. They have a heart and vision for the 127 million Japanese to come to know the Savior. They have 3 sons.

Family in Asia: serving to restore hope to the people, serving orphans and assisting with education and the gospel.

Macedonian Mission to the Balkans, Director, Petre Petrov:
planting churches in cities of war-torn former Yugoslavia and surrounding areas. Providing humanitarian relief to the many people’s from different cultures and religions.

South Asia:
Supporting a pastor in Pakistan. He is the Area Coordinator for FMI church planters in his district and is head pastor to several villages.

Eastern AfricaA young man on short term work, teaching English to young adults in a community that has never heard the Gospel and sharing good news on the streets.


Local Missions:

Life Choices Community Pregnancy Clinic

The Life Choices Community Pregnancy Clinic has been a  resource in our community since 1983. We are a cozy, woman friendly center where anyone can go to get factual information, in a confidential environment.
They provide caring assistance.
Volunteers are trained to listen, care and provide truthful information to help educate women regarding their choice options and the documented outcomes they can expect from those choices. An informed choice is a better choice.
All of their services are free of charge.

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