Helping those who struggle with homosexuality

Often times, Christians are accused of hating or bashing those who practice the homosexual lifestyle. Our responsibility as Christians is to help those to understand what God wants for them in their sexual lifestyle.

GOD DOES LOVE ALL KINDS OF SINNERS. We are all sinners, but God also desires for us to change our lives and to follow His standard.

It is not hate for God to teach people through the Bible how He wants them to live in obedience to the Bible.

There are many people causing confusion by trying to change the Bible into saying what they want it to say. The Bible is crystal clear to what God desires of those who claim to be Christians. He has reserved marriage between one man and one woman. People who practice homosexuality are not worse sinners than those who commit adultery or who have sex before marriage. All of these practices are sinful and God in His love for us wants all these sins to stop.

Those that advocate there is nothing wrong in same sex relationships have recruited scholars to help defend that position. We encourage you not to become persuaded by these scholars who are twisting Scripture. They make assertions that the Bible is not clear on the issue.

Here are four articles that help share the clear truth of the what the Bible teaches.

What does one of the best 20th century Greek scholars say about the NT vocabulary?

Understanding God’s Perspective on Homosexuality

What does the Greek New Testament teach about Homosexuality

Is Homosexuality a Sin according to the Bible?

Mondo also preached a whole sermon about this topic. You can listen to it HERE:
“The Bible and the Gay Question” where he shares the Biblical truth that we are called to show God’s love to everyone, but also to share God’s truth.

You can see his extensive notes HERE.