Tahoe Community Church began as a mission, and we continue to feel that missions are important to what churches do in keeping with the commission of Christ.  Extending their witness and ministry beyond themselves to bring all persons to Christ and to glorify God.  Listed below are a few of the ways we participate in missions from local to international levels.

Tahoe Community Church Global Missions

Mirco & Nada Andreev with their two daughters:
Director of Macedonian Mission to the Balkans, planting churches in cities of war-torn former Yugoslavia and surrounding areas. Providing humanitarian relief to the many people’s from different cultures and religions.

South Asia:
Forgotten Missionaries International (FMI):
Supporting a pastor in Pakistan. He is the Area Coordinator for 13 FMI church planters in his district and is head pastor to four villages.

North America:
Hannah Daly:
Serving with Pioneers, Hannah and her small team live and evangelize in New York City.They seek to plant churches among South Asians (Tibetans, Nepalese, Indians, Pakistanis, & Bangladeshis). In NYC these people have no community of believing Christians with adequate numbers or resources to evangelize their own people. The prayer is, once saved, some will take the Gospel back to their home country.

Kevin & Pamela Sigsby: Church planters with the Southern Baptist International Missions Board in Vancouver, British Columbia. The Sigsby’s serve with Cityview Baptist Church as missionary volunteers.

South America:
Ryan & Danielle Stauffer: Teachers with Network International Christian Schools, the Stauffer’s are currently in Caracas, Venezuela. Most students are from international families who live and work in Venezuela, representing their home country. The truths of Jesus Christ are communicated to the students daily and there are many opportunities to reach out to their families.

Global Missions:
California Southern Baptist Convention:
A percentage of TCC’s giving to the convention goes to International and North American Missions. Through this cooperative program some 10,000 missionaries are supported in the United States and more than 100 international settings.



Week of Prayer for International Missions and Lottie Moon Christmas Offering  The first week of December is set aside for concerted prayer for international missions. The offering, taken to support international missions, is named for the missionary who first suggested taking the offering at Christmastime.

Week of Prayer for North American Missions and Annie Armstrong Easter Offering  The first week of March is set aside for concerted prayer for North American missions (United States, Canada, Mexico). The offering, taken to support North American missions, is named for the first corresponding secretary for the Women’s Missionary Union (WMU).

Local Missions  Throughout the year we are made aware of needs in our community and our world and prayerfully consider each one.  We have an ongoing Food Pantry and Benevolence program to care for the needs of the poor and hungry throughout the year.  We have also helped with winter coat drives, gifts for convalescents, and local missionaries on short-term mission trips to Central America and other places as well as many other ministry opportunities that arise throughout the year.