Atheistic worldview unable to account for the laws of logic

More from my adventures in North Carolina where I started this vid that ended up being an apologetic..Its over for the atheistic worldview
I really love Atheists, and don’t want to upset them, but the truth must be told, so with some help from the late Dr. Greg Bahnsen and Sye Ten Bruggencate Here is my latest video on the subject.

The clash of world views, “Speakers corner” Jay Smith

Meet Jay Smth, an American living in London England. Pastor, speaker, and author. I came upon him on YouTube almost three years ago, he has a very loving way to proclaim the gospel. His Youtube channel is called “pflanderflims” on there you’ll find many teachings about Islam vs Christianity. I would say he is one of the leading Bible scholars that can comfortably debate Muslims.  I know that he often speaks at speakers corner in Hyde Park London, I was Glad to fine this vid clip of him in action,  the battle ground is Kaos, but note how Jay and his team calmly proclaim the truth of God’s word to an angry group of Muslims.
Jay passed through Carson City last year and talked with Tom Hass from KNIS Pilgrim radio, it was a great interview. Considering the ministry that Jay is involved in I think we should keep him up in Prayers.