Life Choices 2017 Annual Fundraising Gala

Life Choices 2017 Annual Fundraising Gala  May 5, 2017

“You are the light of the world” (Matt. 5:14)

Our 2017 Spring Gala Dinner will be held at the Atlantis Resort Casino in Reno. Joining us this year as our guest speaker is Ray Comfort, Founder and CEO of Living Waters.

Registration begins at 6pm. Enjoy appetizers and a no host bar on the Terrace. Dinner and Program 7pm – 9pm.

The Atlantis Resort Casino, Reno NV
(in the Paradise Ballroom located on the second floor in the conference center)

Tickets $25 per person.

Life Choices 2017 Annual Fundraising GalaDinner includesyour choice of entree: Chicken Parmigiana or Herbed Fresh Salmon. To help us in planning, please be sure to list your preference in the box below when registering! If there are more than one of you, and you each have a different choice please add the quantity number with the choice. Ray is the Founder and CEO of Living Waters and the best-selling author of more than 80 books, including, Hell’s Best Kept Secret, Scientific Facts in the Bible, and The Evidence Bible. He co-hosts (with actor Kirk Cameron) the award-winning television program “The Way of the Master,” seen in 200 countries. He is also the Executive Producer on the movies “Audacity,” “180,” “Evolution vs. God,” and others, which have been seen by millions. He and his wife, Sue, live in Southern California, where they have three grown children.

Meet Gianna Jensen, abortion survivor…

Gianna Jessen came into the world as a surprise. Her 17-year-old mother knew she was pregnant. She also knew she didn’t want to be. She underwent an abortion procedure, having toxic saline solution injected into the womb during the third trimester.

Wow as Pastor Sam use to say “if this dosn’t move you your wood is all wet”

Choice, is that all it is?

Focus on the family’s cute Superbowl Commercial did draw millions to their web site for the rest of the story, so from Focus on the family’s perspective the ad was a great way to soft sell the pro life side of the issue. Not to undermine their effort, let me just remind everyone that murder is first and foremost a sin against God who created us in his image. I’m happy for the “Tebows” it looks like God has blessed them with a talented wretched sinner, which makes him only a little better then you and I from the worlds, values, not God’s.

Now since Focus on the family didn’t choose to tell about the murder issue in their ad, Those who didn’t go to their web site, could have this whole issue reduced to “It’s only a choice”, by Planned Parenthood’s superbowl ad.

When defending the unborn, always draw upon God’s authority from scripture to lay out the moral high ground on this or any other issue that mankind wants to blur, because they like darkness. Seek God while he can still be found…Peace

Silent Scream 1984, The Technology that should have ended the abortion issue

This is a copy from “The Vorthos Forum”

“When the lives of the unborn are snuffed out, they often feel pain, pain that is long and agonizing.” President Ronald Reagan to National Religious Broadcasters Convention, January 1981

The Silent Scream – Re-Mastered, Multi-Language
Ronald Reagan became convinced of this as a result of watching The Silent Scream a movie he considered so powerful and convicting that he screened it at the White House.

More recently, it was by catching just a glimpse of what this film reveals that Planned Parenthood director and abortion advocate Abby Johnson turned and became a strong advocate for the pre-born.

SYNOPSIS: The modern technology of real-time ultrasound now reveals the actual responses of a 12-week old fetus to being aborted.

As the unborn child attempts to escape the abortionists suction curette, her motions can be seen to become desperately agitated and her heart rate doubles. Her mouth opens as if to scream but no sound can come out.

Her scream doesnt have to remain silent, howevernot if you will become her voice.

This powerful exposé on the true horrors of abortion is narrated by Dr. Bernard M. Nathanson, who earlier in his career ran the worlds largest abortion clinic. Now ardently pro-life, Dr. Nathanson is dedicated to exposing the truth about abortion on demand.

SPECIAL NOTE: This newly re-mastered version features eight language tracks (see below for listing) and two bonus videos: The Answer (Bernard Nathanson’s response to the critics of Silent Scream) and Choice Blues – a short video produced by the Center for Bioethical Reform that powerfully exposes the brutality of abortion.

a high technology Uncle Toms Cabin arousing public opinion just as Harriet Beecher Stowes 1852 antislavery novel ignited the abolitionist movement. Sen. Gordon Humphrey, Time Magazine