Prayer Requests

Let us pray for one another.  If you have a prayer request, please let us know so others can pray for you.  Before requesting prayer for someone else, make sure you have their permission.

Join us on Sunday mornings at Tahoe Community Church in the Annex “Sunroom” from 9:30 to 10:00 am as we pray for our church, its ministries, its ministers, its members and for the lost in our community. Very informal, everyone is welcome.

Philippians 4:6 (New International Version)

Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God.

26 thoughts on “Prayer Requests

  1. PRAY THE TRINITY WILL COMPLETE, FINALIZE, ORDER THE STEPS OF FRUITION re: my aches, ailments, inability 2 SPIRITUAL SPRINT(drop them ‘n a bottomless pit); & GIFT, GRACE, GRANT a financial BLESSING MIRACULOUSLY filling & flooding my CHASE BANK acts;

  2. I have two part time jobs now and I am so blessed that God gave me those two jobs and I pray that I may do well on those jobs.

  3. Will you please pray for us? I am very sincere and serious. Please pray for Jim and Yung, Noreen, 3 Kathleen’s, Izzy, Cheryl, Victoria, Stella, Aelana, Bobbi, 2 Sara’s, 2 Naomi’s, Chaya, Francesca, Carmella, Carmen, Julia, Lorena, Denise, Hector, Hosha, Isha, Paro, Harv, 3 Linda’s, Jerry, Ami, Lemuel, Joy, Cesar, Carl, 2 Sophia’s, Juana, Cara, 2 Kelsey’s, 2 Adrianna’s, 5 David’s, 2 Roberto’s, 2 Constanza’s, 4 Joe’s, 3 Josh’s, 2 Georgina’s, 2 Keri’s, Lupita, 2 Maribel’s, 3 Scott’s, 2 Andre’s, 2 Michelle’s, 2 Don’s, Phu, Lin, Yuli, Nati, Lutzi, Curti, Lato, Vita, 2 Olivia’s, 4 Maria’s, 3 Patzi’s, 2 Mike’s, 3 Tom’s, 3 Craig’s, Summer, Rafa and also a list of over 300 other people (too many to list them all by name). Please just pray in general for all of us listed here and for the other over 300 people (and those we love) that God will greatly help all of us in all of these areas, NOW and lifelong: (1) Spiritually (2) relationships (3) healing, health, mental health, wholeness, wellness, deliverance (4) employment, calling and purposes of God (5) wisdom with NO foolishness, EVER (6) favor with God and people (7) miracles and breakthroughs in many areas (8) peace and rest with NO peace-takings and NO peace-takers (9) to overcome and be kept from all hindrances and obstacles in all areas of life (10) for ONLY the mind of Christ/thoughts taken captive to obedience of Christ (11) for God to increase ALL the work of the Holy Spirit in our lives in all areas of our lives (12) that God will cause ALL that takes place in our lives to be defined as Spirit-led, Spirit-controlled, Holy Spirit filled (13) faith, hope and pure love (14) discipline, self-control, focus, time management, focus, diligence (15) for places to gather where the ONLY One leading what takes place IS the Holy Spirit, at all times (16) help Bible reading, Bible living, Bible memorizations and KNOWING the Bible in its original languages the correct way and to retain this information and apply it as God would have us to (17) for God to help us to get out of bed VERY, VERY early to spend time in the REAL Presence of Jesus EVERY day that God gives us life (18) for ONLY the mind of Christ/thoughts taken captive to obedience of Christ (19) for ALL God’s influences and people to be IN our lives, NONE else EVER (20) for God to also help us in every other area of our lives too and connect us to HIS helpers who DO truly help us in all things without ever giving up on us in any way ever ** Please pray God will do all these 20 things in all of us listed above, the other over 300 people and all those we love too, please? *** And please also pray that God will do these other very serious things too: (1) intervene in world events and elections, especially in USA, Argentina, Chile, Venezuela and the surrounding nations, Asia and world (b) for God to save the souls of and STOP and PREVENT all the violent and warring of the USA, Asia, Argentina, Chile, Uruguay, the UK and world (c) for God to bring TRUE and LASTING Repentance, Spiritual Awakening and Holy Spirit-Revival to the USA, Argentina, Uruguay, Chile, Peru, Columbia, the UK, the EU, Afghanistan, Pakistan, the whole Saudi Peninsula, Middle East and surrounding areas and all the world also, NOW (d) that God will turn the churches in the above nations and in all the world into houses of very serious, committed, undistracted houses of PRAYER. That they will not be satisfied to be houses of speaking, song and fellowship alone, but that they will be known as and actually BE houses of prayer, and that God will show them the urgency and need to commit in intense prayer (e) that God will bring the church back to a place of surrender to Jesus, and surrender to what the Holy Spirit wants to do, and to make that the pursuit. (f) pray also for all spiritual leadership in all the above nations and world in the churches and all other places. Pray God will help them to once again speak on only the most important things, not the trivial, as a focus. With only 52 Sundays in a general year, please pray God will make them strong, bold and daring. Pray God will move on them to once again make Jesus the focus and glory of everything said and done and to seek, pray for and allow for the Holy Spirit to be THE One leading ALL that happens in the body with all things lined up correctly with the Bible. (g) pray for a widow who owns land that she cannot afford. Please pray God will help her to very quickly sell it with no problems or conflicts OR that God will provide for her and her children some other much better way (h) pray for some women separated from a man, all of them. Please pray God will quickly end ALL of these separations and get the root of the problems that caused them in the first place, and heal, reconcile, restore and do new, great things in all of them, NOW. Pray God will help them NOT to punish the man for things in their past (i) pray God will also stop some people that are hurting people with words and actions. Please pray God will NOT allow them to go on in this, but that He will STOP them from what they are doing, CONVICT them with the Holy Spirit, and move upon them to IMMEDIATELY take actions of repentance with Jesus and those they harm (j) there are some people who spent time in the church but now they are discouraged, disappointed with the church and the misrepresentations some of them got about Jesus. They are bitter, shamelessly rebellious and living in self-destructive sin. Please pray God will “leave the 99” and go to them and bring them back into the fold. Please pray God will save them if they are not truly saved, and that God will rescue and deliver them from the path they are on, and help them to come to “the end of the road” that they are on and move upon them to TURN around and show Jesus their face and not their back from this instant onward, never to rebel again. Pray God will deliver them from being oversensitive to the wrong thing and make them ONLY sensitive to the voice of Jesus, and to let go of all fear and control at His cross, and that He will send the Holy Spirit within them to help them to do this, NOW (k) pray also for some Middle Aged people. They are failing in almost every area of life. PLEASE pray God will pity them and raise up others who will also pity them and that God will connect them to these others who will help them to get out of a life of failure. Please pray God will give them grace and help them Himself. Pray God will shock everyone and turn them into a great success in relationships with Jesus and people, in some kind of employment, in health and mental health, in wisdom and all other areas of life (l) there is also a man who is in so much trouble he needs many miracles to make it. Pray God will pity him too, and connect him to Jesus and to people to help him not only overcome, but to be used by God greatly. Pray God will help this man to keep his eyes on Jesus and NOT the problems. Pray God will protect him, his heart and his mind, and that God will again connect him to some grace-giving people – the right people – who will commit to helping him in all the areas he needs help in, patiently. He is a long term project unless God performs an unimaginable miracle. (m) will you also pray for a very large, extended family that is missing it with Jesus and need very much help, deliverance. They need God to deliver them in many ways. Please pray God will do this, save all of their souls, turn their lives around, and help this very large family of failure to become a family that serves Jesus with no bondages, hang-ups, mental illnesses, addictions or any other debilitations of any kind (n) and please pray for the very many I love who are bound by literal witchcraft and spiritual things NOT found in Jesus AND for those I love bound by addictions and life-controlling struggles. Please pray God will help them NOT to die or harm or be harmed. Pray God will send His laborers to every one of them all day and all night long UNTIL they get truly saved, under the submission of Jesus and the will and workings of the Holy Spirit and living a life of victory in Jesus in HIS purposes for their lives, and winning very many to a saving knowledge of Jesus. Pray God will help them to NOT see themselves as a victim and to NOT tell themselves that they have a right to hold onto things that God tells them they need to let go of. Pray God will help them not to tell themselves that they can continue in these lifestyles “just a little longer”. Please pray God will save them and send HIS laborers and conviction into them every day, all day and all night, for their good, in Jesus, until Jesus is the ONLY Lord (Ruler) of their lives and the choices they make, and thoughts they think. (o) pray God will intervene in all that takes place in the global media. Pray God will help the masses to ONLY believe God’s truth, not the things they see or hear in global media if it is not true or if it is manipulative for evil or slanderous or gossip or self-righteous *** THANK YOU *** I do not really use email, I did not send a valid email address, but PLEASE still pray for all of these requests??? Thank you. ** Also, there is a great site on prayer, if you like it, please share it with many and all. It’s found at: prayer …(that is, you type in THEN skip a space and type the word PRAYER. Otherwise it may take you to some other place on the peacekey site and I don’t even know if anything else on that site is even any good, but the prayer page is world changing for any who do what they did, I believe). Thank you. God bless you.

  4. I have been working at my current job since March but it has been slowing down since after Labor Day because it is a small business so please pray so that I may find a second job so that I can work days when I am not working at my current job.

  5. please pray jesus for me to be luckier in life and to give me more success
    also pray god for my friends named oksana nastia and ioulia in kiev
    nastia is sick and poor and her mother oksana is a widow
    sometimes she is very tense and agressive
    may God free her from all evil

    and also jesus help nastia ro remain in good health and be a good christian young woman and succeed in her studies
    also ioulia christian grand-mother,poor
    this family needs prayers and help from God
    also nastia must undergo surgery for teeth,please ask god to make sure she will be ok and does not suffer

    ludovic sarraz-bournet , france

  6. Updated Prayer Request.



    Dear Community of Prayer,

    Thank you for praying!

    Recovery is very slow. Thank you for praying with us daily in the recovery process for God’s Peace! Please pray with us(Sept,Oct,Nov..Christmas 2014,2015..?))daily for God’s Healing & Protecting Peace in our broken hearts and lives. Pray for His Protecting Peace!

    Please also pray for relief severe financial misery which is making recovery next to impossible.

    Please if Possible?

    Can you pass Urgent Prayer Request on:Prayer Groups,Prayer Chains,Parishes,Churches & Others?

    Meanwhile,We stay at our Post in Prayer and Hope with the help of your daily prayers as we struggle to do God’s Will & enter His Rest!

    Thank you. Bill & Carol. usa

  7. Prayer Request :

    Pastor Thieringo must find good job quickly in Switzerland and must find good wife in Switzerland . Protection,prosperity,healing,wisdom,freedom,miracles in finances and business,success and miracles in his life in Jesus name .

  8. Please pray for my mom, Mary Ann to be healed of any cancer cell in her body. She is given strength,energy,comfort,peace,protection over her immune system & eyesight. Also, restful sleep. In Jesus name! Amen! Thank you so much for the prayers, we really appreciate it! God bless you!

  9. Pray for Jim and Yung (and both our families and all we love). Pray God will completely heal us and keep us. Pray God will do something very special by the Holy Spirit in us both now and as long as God keeps us alive. Pray God will also help us in every other area of our lives, every area. – no email here

  10. Please pray for my sister to get a job finally after all these years. She has gone through lot in her life and is still going through it but never giving up. Mom and dad have been taking care of her and it’s been really hard on them at their age. She’s not into praying a lot so I thought I would do it for her. I hope good things will come her way soon.

  11. If God Doesn’t Need Anything, Then Why Does He Command Us to Serve Him?

    Mark Altrogge
    God doesn’t need our work.
    He doesn’t need our money, either. God can get everything done without a heavenly Kickstarter campaign. He didn’t ask for any help when he created the galaxies. He can get along just fine without our peewee contributions to the universe.
    He doesn’t need our worship either. He doesn’t need our praises to bolster his self-esteem.
    The God who made the world and everything in it, being Lord of heaven and earth, does not live in temples made by man, nor is he served by human hands, as though he needed anything, since he himself gives to all mankind life and breath and everything. (Acts 17:24-25)
    God doesn’t need anything. He doesn’t need our worship, our work or our money. So why does God command us to worship, serve, and give our money to him?
    First of all, for his glory. Wait a second. If He doesn’t need our work or worship, how does it glorify Him? It certainly doesn’t add anything to His glory. Yet it does display His glory. When we sing His praises together, we display to one another God’s greatness, kindness, and love. When I hear you give thanks to God, I’m reminded afresh of His goodness. You display God’s glory to me. And it builds my faith and helps me love and trust Him more. And when we do works of love, we display the character of Christ God is forming in us.
    Another reason God commands us to worship, serve, give and obey is for our joy.
    When God tells us to sing and raise our hands to Him, it’s not because He needs our praise to feel good about Himself. It’s for our pleasure in Him. When we express our appreciation of God it enhances our enjoyment of Him. Like when we express appreciation for a great painting, or a great steak. It enhances and completes our enjoyment of it. When God commands us to give, it’s not because He needs the money. He owns the cattle on a thousand hills. It’s for our benefit and good. When we give, God pours blessings back on us. When we sow, we reap. All God’s commands are for our benefit and joy. That’s why we should serve Him cheerfully:
    Serve the Lord with gladness! (Psalms 100:2)
    It doesn’t glorify God to serve Him cheerlessly. It’s not enough to serve the Lord, we must serve Him with gladness. Parents, ever ask your child to do something for you and he responds with as much enthusiasm as if you’d asked him to have a root canal? How does that make you feel? He may do the chore, but if he does it with grumbling or ingratitude, it doesn’t please you. You almost feel like saying ‘don’t bother.’
    God loves a cheerful giver. Do you think it glorifies God when we grudgingly say ‘Alright, here’s my buck’? He loves a cheerful giver because glad giving displays the value of Christ. That He is more valuable than all our money. It shows we believe he’s generous and good and will bless and provide for us.
    God doesn’t need our work or our praises or our money. He gives them to us as gifts to display His glory and enhance our enjoyment of Him. So let’s serve the Lord with gladness today.

  12. I read your attempts to answer Gerry Beauchemin with regard to the length of time the wicked spend in Gehenna (Hell.) It might interest you to know that the Jews since Jesus’ time have believed that sinners only spend time in “Hell” until they have suffered in this prison adequately for their sins. The concept of unending suffering and being eternally rejected there are ideas foreign to the rabbis and therefore Jesus as well.

    • Hi melissa my name is naren and i live in calgary ab canada. Do offer prayers for me to lord jesus as he helps you to work in california. Do need your good help. I would feel good to work in california to have my california dream. Email me the email address to send you my resume. Super weekend to you and your family. God help you to feel good.

  13. My Wife Lois and myself ask that you raise up Elise, Lois’s Mother. She has been hospitalized with a bad infection and a lung issue. Elise is 98 years old and a sister believer. Whatever Gods Will is in this matter we ask you seek him for her regard as she is not able. Thank you.

  14. I’ve written up a very important unspoken prayer request. Please pray that God will fully, powerfully answer everything I’ve written on that prayer request. Thanks for your prayers.

  15. I have some very important unspoken prayer requests that I’ve written up on paper. Please pray that God will fully, powerfully answer everything I’ve written on that paper, according to His will. Also, pray that everywhere I send this prayer request, God will draw powerful prayer warriors to pray fervently for it with great faith. Thanks.

  16. Prayer for Alyce to find a medical assistant position soon. She needs a job to support her family.Prayer for our Brother Royce for wisdom and understanding to hear the voice of God Loud nad clear. Prayer for a miracle, mercy, and favor and blessings to be upon him and his family and those who love him. Prayer the Isaiah 54:17 would cover Brother Royce’s life. Also prayer for Ramona Brandes to operate with integrity, excellence, wisdom, and be touch by the Holy Spirit.

  17. Please raise up a friend in need. John Camp, a brother in Christ. John is battling Lung Cancer..We pray for healing and over all Gods Will…
    a note from John…
    “Fear not, the Holy Spirit is ALIVE within me and my focus has been to reach out and show as many people I come in contact with that have this disease of the devils making all my love, caring and support. Its my ministry that GOD has assigned me. Besides, it takes the focus off me and places it where it belongs. Helping others Through CHRIST. GOD IS GREAT!

  18. Please pray that the Lord will open the door for the right job. He knows about the job I need. Pray for a financial blessing and healing of the depression.

  19. My husband wants a divorce. I’m committed to my marriage and love my husband dearly. We have been together for 10yrs and have an 8yr old daughter. I know that he is having an emotional affair (hoping that it hasn’t gone beyond that point) with a co-worker whose husband left her. To add to the problem, my husband has surrounded himself with people who enable him to make poor choices. Another bad influence are the bars he hangs out into the wee hours of the morning with his friends. Several times now he hasn’t even bothered to come home. To add to the problem, my husband has rejected Godly counsel. He has no Godly men in his life (his choice, people have offered). He has told me he doesn’t feel connected to me anymore; there is no fire, but he won’t allow us to really try either which tears at my heart. When we are together (as a couple or as a family) he is constantly texting her (over 100 times per day). We have seen a licensed Christian marriage counselor for 6 visits (he won’t go anymore b/c it cost money). At our last session, my husband realized and admitted he is not the man he was. He has done a 180 degree turn and I don’t think he is ready to go back to the way he was (he feels life cheated him out of what he deserved & earned) but I am hoping he will see the light God is shining on him, come around and hopefully be somewhere in the middle between who he was and what he has become. I can handle him not being the man he was for 28 plus years but I can’t accept the man he is now. I know he has a good heart but his clouded thoughts, hurt feelings and his unhealthy coworker are polluting his mind and soul. I pray numerous times a day that God opens his eyes to the possibility of reconciliation, opens his eyes to the truth about his coworker and opens the eyes of his coworker so she realizes the damage she is truly causing to her family and to mine. I do my best not to think badly about her and have prayed for her and her family to find their path to God (just not on the same path we are on). I am speaking with my pastor often and my daughter and I are attending church and bible study regularly. I also know our marriage problems aren’t entirely my husband’s fault. For a long time I blamed myself. I sometimes tell myself, “If only I was more respectful, loving and supportive this never ever would have happened…If I could turn back time….”. I fully understand that I did not betray him, cheat him in any way or lie to him. We both broke our marriage. My great sin was miss-communication, not being open about my needs & not being open enough for him to feel he could talk with me about his needs & hurts. I did not respect my husband verbally & through my actions (nagging and negativity) enough to which caused him a deep hurt which is what pushed him to look for someone else who could give him what he needs. Also he never talked with me about our relationship and how he felt and never sought to get help early on. I was blind I didn’t know there was a problem till he said it was to late. I don’t feel or believe it is too late for us! I pray it isn’t too late. I think God has pressed upon me to bring him to God and in turn he will eventually find his way back to me and our daughter. I have been reading the bible, love and respect books, working the Love Dare and I am actively practicing what I have come to learn; to give him the unconditional respect and love he needs from me (even when he doesn’t act appropriately). I have apologized directly to him for all of my misgivings and sins against him and I am consistently respecting him. I hope in time while we are taking things slowly (going through our things, fixing up our house, putting it up for sale and becoming financially more stable) that we will reconnect during this time and rebuild our marriage as it should be, under God’s guidance and authority. I’m trusting that God will see I’m trying to be the wife he wants me to be, I am honoring my covenant with God and my husband, I am trying to walk along side Christ and be more Christ like and raising my daughter that way and hopefully will show my husband the right path to God. I pray that God will influence my husband and help open my husband’s eyes, speak to him directly and show him the way back home. Please pray for our marriage to be restored and recreated in the way God wants for it to be; for my husband to hear and feel God’s love in his thoughts and dreams; to bring peace to his soul to help heal his hurt and to rebuild over that hurt a strong Christian-based foundation for our marriage rooted in God, love and respect.

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