Inca Burial Stones prove that Man and Dinosaurs lived together



These stones have been part of the Creation Evolution debate for years. Evolutionist always said that they were fake. Evolutionists need the earth to be very old, what they continue to do is add years to the age of the earth, because of the improbability of something coming from nothing. If these stones are real, then like the Bible says man and dinosaurs (Job 40) lived together, just a few thousand years ago, not 64 million years ago the diosaurs died off. then 30 million years ago man came along.

As believers in the Bible, shouldn’t we give God’s word first place in what we believe? Put God first even when popular opinion says other wise, then wait, and in time you may be blessed with evident to support what you know from God’s word. If you never get evidence to support the Bible, still stand firm on the faith, because no matter what you can trust the Bible.

Some of them have been tested proving them to be real. watch this vid clip and see for yourself the results of the testing.

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