Movie Premiere – EXIT: The Appeal of Suicide – July 15th 7pm


Tahoe is one of God’s most beautiful places on the earth, so how could anyone, commit suicide here? Tragically Tahoe isn’t immune to suicide, it by some accounts is growing. Our community has a newly founded group meeting monthly to address this growing problem.:

The Suicide Prevention Network has formed a new Survivors of Suicide loss support group that will meet at 6:00 p.m. on the fourth Thursday of each month at the Barton Health Public Relations office located at 2092 Lake Tahoe Blvd. Suite 400 in South Lake Tahoe…..South Tahoe Now .Com

Before you finish reading this, one individual will have ended their life by suicide—because they think they have no other choice. According to the World Health Organization, a massive 800,000 people take their lives every year—one death every 40 seconds. That’s over 2,000 a day. For millions who suffer from deep sadness and despair, “EXIT” points to a better way. This compelling movie shines a powerful light in the darkness and offers true hope to those who think they have none. Someone you know may be secretly considering their exit. Please join us to increase your understanding about the struggle many face, and learn about the high ground that has eluded many who are in despair.
IF YOU ARE STRUGGLING WITH SUICIDAL THOUGHTS, we encourage you to remember four very important things:

1. YOU HAVE WORTH. You are not a cosmic accident; you are not here by chance. The Bible says God formed you in your mother’s womb. You are special, unique, and handcrafted by the Creator; and because of that your life has meaning. No matter where you’ve been, what’s happened, or what you’ve done, nothing can ever erase the incredible value God has placed on you as His creation.

2. YOU ARE LOVED. The Bible says, “God is love.” He not only knows your turmoil and pain, He cares deeply and promises that if you draw near to Him, He will draw near to you. You can be adopted into His family as His beloved child.

3. THERE IS HOPE. The Bible tells us that by trusting in Jesus we have a “living hope,” a hope that is an anchor for the soul. If you don’t know God personally, you can, through genuine repentance and faith in Jesus Christ. Your sins will be washed away. His Spirit will come to live within you and will never leave you, and you’ll be given a new heart with new desires. The meaning and purpose of your life is to truly love God and walk with Him. You can find healing, forgiveness, and hope in Christ.

4. HELP IS AVAILABLE. Like a mold of the soul, severe depression grows in the cold dampness of isolation. Please, open up and reach out for support. You can:
• Tell those closest to you. Confide in a parent, relative, friend, or school counselor, or find a respected Christian psychologist. Dragging a heavy load by yourself can be overwhelming, but if you let someone help carry your burden, it becomes far lighter.
• Call a hotline. You can call the “Suicide Prevention Lifeline” and talk with someone right now. It’s free, confidential, and available 24/7. You can call them at 800-273-8255 or visit them online at
• Speak with a local pastor. If you don’t attend a Christian church, visit and click on the “HELP” tab to help you find a church in your area.

Whatever you do, please, please don’t end your life.

Copied from, Living waters Ministry.


Life Choices 2017 Annual Fundraising Gala

Life Choices 2017 Annual Fundraising Gala  May 5, 2017

“You are the light of the world” (Matt. 5:14)

Our 2017 Spring Gala Dinner will be held at the Atlantis Resort Casino in Reno. Joining us this year as our guest speaker is Ray Comfort, Founder and CEO of Living Waters.

Registration begins at 6pm. Enjoy appetizers and a no host bar on the Terrace. Dinner and Program 7pm – 9pm.

The Atlantis Resort Casino, Reno NV
(in the Paradise Ballroom located on the second floor in the conference center)

Tickets $25 per person.

Life Choices 2017 Annual Fundraising GalaDinner includesyour choice of entree: Chicken Parmigiana or Herbed Fresh Salmon. To help us in planning, please be sure to list your preference in the box below when registering! If there are more than one of you, and you each have a different choice please add the quantity number with the choice. Ray is the Founder and CEO of Living Waters and the best-selling author of more than 80 books, including, Hell’s Best Kept Secret, Scientific Facts in the Bible, and The Evidence Bible. He co-hosts (with actor Kirk Cameron) the award-winning television program “The Way of the Master,” seen in 200 countries. He is also the Executive Producer on the movies “Audacity,” “180,” “Evolution vs. God,” and others, which have been seen by millions. He and his wife, Sue, live in Southern California, where they have three grown children.

Resurrection “Easter” Service, Tahoe Community Church, Sunday April 16th

Have you been resurrected?

Easter Sunday…Ok the term “Easter” comes from those nasty pagans, but Christ conquered death and BOOM! trumped the living daylights out of that pagan date..
Have you been resurrected? Do you realize that upon being born again by the power of the Holy Spirit, you have crossed over from death to life? Join us this Sunday at 10:30am to worship the risen King!

Good Friday Service April 14th 2017 at Tahoe Community Church

Tahoe Community Church

Behind the Curtain

So what happen behind the torn curtain? Jesus gasped “It is finished” then the curtain separating the Holy or Hollies ripped in two from top to bottom…
Please join us this Friday at 5pm to find out, bring a friend or two. Tahoe Community Church, 145 Daggett Way, Stateline, NV 89449 (775) 588-5860

The Atheist Delusion Movie Premiere

The Atheist Delusion Quote from Matt Barber CNN “I’ve just had a chance to finally watch this. I’m a 260-pound former professional boxer and ex-cop who’s sitting here bawling like a baby. This is, bar none, the most compelling and comprehensive piece of its kind. I guess I can’t even say ‘of its kind’ because it’s totally unique. I’ve never seen anything so comprehensive. It’s visually stunning, winsome, compassionate, intellectually unassailable and moving to the extreme. Somehow you managed, in about an hour, to make the case, beyond any reasonable doubt, for the Creator God, and bring it home to the Truth of Christ. This is your masterpiece. Let me know how I can help you get it out far and wide.”

Special Showing “Audacity” Sunday July 19th 8pm

“‘Audacity’ will rock your assumptions…a must-watch!”
Alex KendrickAlex Kendrick
Director/Producer, Fireproof and Courageous

Ray wrote and directed this his first ever movie that isn’t just him lovingly tell the gospel to anyone he happens on the street. His wit, his love. the truth of the gospel all come alive in Audacity. the Subject Homosexuality, the task explain Gods position on Homosexuality. Tahoe Community Church will be hosting a special showing of the movie July 19th at 8pm. It’s a free event and is really thought provoking! True to scripture, Ray clearly and lovingly points out the logic behind God’s commands against Homosexuality.

Bill Nye Loses Debate by applying Human attributes to the universe

The point is clear, if you don’t think there is a designer behind the universe, you can then in no way ever think that the universe is “self actualized” This completely undermines their position that there is no being, god, or creator. Foolishness I tell you, utter foolishness to think we got here by chance.

Genesis 3D Movie….lets get this made!


We have launched The Genesis 3D Movie campaign!

We have launched The Genesis Movie Campaign!
We began the project 2 years ago and invested roughly $50,000 in research, pre-production and computer hardware. We are well underway, but we need your help!
Just think how your friends, family members, churches, and all the lost souls out there could benefit from experiencing the truths of Genesis in Stereoscopic 3D in a movie theater, as if they were there! Then after the theatrical release, Genesis will be available on Blu-ray 3D and Anaglyph 3D for DVD for people experience again and again!
Contributing financially is just one of many ways you can help this dream become a reality. You can tell your friends, family, churches and pastor, as well as your facebook and social media networks to help spread the word about the project, share the trailer with them, and encourage them to partner with us on this God-honoring adventure! Please pray about helping us in this once-in-a-life-time opportunity!
Thank you for visiting. May God bless you!

Evolution vs God Special Showing Saturday August 17, 7pm


“Evolution vs. God will rock the creation and evolution world!”
― Ken Ham, Answers in Genesis

“Exciting and revealing. It keeps you on the edge of your seat all the way through.”
― Henry M. Morris III, CEO, Institute for Creation Research, Dallas, Texas

“Ray Comfort does it again! With simplicity and keen insight on the streets, he pulls back the curtain of Evolution and reveals that the Great Wizard of Darwinism is just an insecure little man with a dream of becoming a god. I highly recommend this helpful, faith-building, and inspiring video for families, teachers, and pastors!”
― Kirk Cameron, Actor

“Evolution Vs. God reveals evolution only exists in the minds of the evolutionist and their students!”
― Jim Bob Duggar, TLC’s “19 Kids & Counting”

“Excellent. Superbly done.”
― Phil Johnson, PyroManiacs

“WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!! BLEW ME AWAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!”
― Randy Jones, Pres. Word of Truth

“Fascinating and eye-opening. Every student and every parent should watch it!”
― Randy Alcorn

“Fascinating. Highly revealing. You will be amazed at what the experts themselves have to say!”
― Jason Lisle

“Ray Comfort’s ability to insightfully shred the vain reasoning’s of men is a gift, and this film is a tour de force exposure of the emptiness of humanism.”
― James White (apologist)

“Absolutely excellent.”
― Paul Taylor, Creation Today

“Wow!!! I got goose bumps watching. Dawkins will have a cow.”
― Ron Fathauer, GospelCry

“Wow! Engaging.”
― Frank Turek,

“Another winner!”
― Eric Rader, Creation & Earth History Museum

― Jim Fletcher,

“Revealing, thought-provoking, and challenging.”
― Norm Geisler

“Absolutely devastating! If it were a boxing match, the ref would have stopped your interviews with all of those people, including the professors.”
― Pastor Bruce Garner, CrossPoint

― Francine Rivers

“Enlightening as well as entertaining—because it forces evolutionists to exercise a mental muscle that they apparently haven’t used in a while.”
― Eric Hovind, President Creation Today

“Not since ‘Expelled’ has anything been done that is as important as this.”
― Carl D. Kerby, President, Reasons for Hope

“Wow! Very encouraging to see a tactical and practical method to expose the lies which permeate our culture.”
― Jayson Payne, Museum Curator, Creation & Earth History Museum

“Confronts the absurdity of atheism with the same power with which ‘180’ confronts the atrocity of abortion.”
― Paul Washer

“Kaboom! Pow! Lights out! Party’s over!”
― Todd Friel, host, Wretched TV

“You’ve have outdone yourself with this video! Loved it!”
― Tim Wildmon, President AFA

“Ray Comfort has not only proved that belief in evolution requires faith, he has also demonstrated that it’s a faith woefully devoid of evidence.”
― Joseph Farah, Chief Executive Officer, WND

“Most excellent…SIMPLE arguments to dismantle the atheist worldview.”
― Greg Elsasser, “Roman and Jorge”

“Ray Comfort has done it again. In this video he uncovers the illogic of the atheists’ thinking as he shows people two things, how evolution falls short as a true scientific theory and how their belief in it is actually faith.”
― Matt Slick,

“An excellent fast-paced exposé.”
― David J Galloway, MD FRCS FRCS(Ed) FACS

“I worked in secular academics in the fields of molecular evolution and genomics as a lead researcher for many years and never came across any evidence for macro-evolution. It does not exist… As the movie stated, finches remain finches and sticklebacks remain sticklebacks – the observable evidence says this and so does the DNA. Great movie – it helps expose the truth about the reality of blind faith in evolution.”
― Dr. Jeff Tomkins PhD

“This is a tremendous movie and a fantastic tool for educating people about Intelligent Design…”
― The Dove Foundation

“A brilliant presentation that strips evolution of the illusion of reason.”
― Anthony Martin,
– See more at: