Defund Planned Parenthood

Ultrasounds for Killing, Not Care, at Planned Parenthood

From live Action
At Planned Parenthood, Live Action investigators discovered ultrasound machines generally only have one purpose: abortion. Planned Parenthood uses ultrasound to determine a baby’s age and position in the womb before it kills her. Investigators asked 68 Planned Parenthood facilities for ultrasounds to check the health of their babies, but only 3 were able to provide them. The remainder either did not do ultrasounds or used ultrasounds for abortions only.

I wonder why they don’t let the mother see their baby?
Science is winning, younger Americans are against abortion…
“Millennials have also grown up amid the grim images of abortion and its aftermath. For many, the willful destruction of life in the womb seems less an act of “reproductive freedom” than an act of violence against an innocent victim.” Boston Globe …

The truth about Slavery

While Islam is often presented as a force for social justice in the West, the truth is that Muhammad bought, sold, owned, and traded black African slaves. Muhammad’s followers institutionalized black African slavery centuries a thousand years before the United States even existed. In this video, Sarah Foster educates Muslims about the history of slavery in Africa.

The Atheist Delusion Movie Premiere

The Atheist Delusion Quote from Matt Barber CNN “I’ve just had a chance to finally watch this. I’m a 260-pound former professional boxer and ex-cop who’s sitting here bawling like a baby. This is, bar none, the most compelling and comprehensive piece of its kind. I guess I can’t even say ‘of its kind’ because it’s totally unique. I’ve never seen anything so comprehensive. It’s visually stunning, winsome, compassionate, intellectually unassailable and moving to the extreme. Somehow you managed, in about an hour, to make the case, beyond any reasonable doubt, for the Creator God, and bring it home to the Truth of Christ. This is your masterpiece. Let me know how I can help you get it out far and wide.”

Special Showing “Audacity” Sunday July 19th 8pm

“‘Audacity’ will rock your assumptions…a must-watch!”
Alex KendrickAlex Kendrick
Director/Producer, Fireproof and Courageous

Ray wrote and directed this his first ever movie that isn’t just him lovingly tell the gospel to anyone he happens on the street. His wit, his love. the truth of the gospel all come alive in Audacity. the Subject Homosexuality, the task explain Gods position on Homosexuality. Tahoe Community Church will be hosting a special showing of the movie July 19th at 8pm. It’s a free event and is really thought provoking! True to scripture, Ray clearly and lovingly points out the logic behind God’s commands against Homosexuality.

Open Air Campaigners, DANIEL BEAUDOIN

Daniel and his family join us once a year to worship, when he’s here on vacation, he takes time to preach on the streets. Daniel loves people, we would call him an evangelist, and say he has a gift to evangelizes. According to a survey done by Bill Bright a few years ago, only about 2% of professing Christians share their faith. Do you believe what the bible says about those who face God on judgment day without having their sins paid for by Christ’s act of love on the Cross? Evangelist’s believe, but it’s not really a special gift they are exercising that they have and other believers don’t. We don’t say God has gifted some to hand out food, we say that we are loving our neighbor, it’s love. So if we’re not out sharing God’s love by proclaiming the Gospel, then we’re not loving our neighbor. To evangelize, is to love, so consider going forth with the love of the gospel story, because it’s command to us all to go and make disciples, and disciples make other disciples.

The 5 Solas

Sola scriptura (“by Scripture alone”)
Sola fide (“by faith alone”)
Sola gratia (“by grace alone”)
Solus Christus or Solo Christo (“Christ alone” or “through Christ alone”)
Soli Deo gloria (“glory to God alone”)

Basic Creation Training Course, by Mike Riddle

Speaker / Instructor: Mike Riddle (Founder & President of CTI)

One day course designed to prepare Christians to speak about and defend
the biblical account of creation with confidence and be better equipped to
present the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Establishing a biblical worldview
Dismantling the 4 pillars of evolution
The Genesis Flood, geology and the fossil record
Critical thinking and evolution
How to handle objections to a 6-day creation
$45 for Adults Teenagers $10
Child care provided.

Loving our Catholic Neighbors with the Truth

So the idea is this, lets start a conversation with Father John Hollowell in hopes of getting him to see the truth from scripture, Pray For John, and be ready to roll with the counter points he may make in defense of Catholicism. He like many Catholics will most likely refer us to “Catholic Answers” This site addresses the finer details to support the Catholic position, and in some cases show reasonable logic, but many time by viewing scripture from a catholic position it will contractions other doctrines….. So here is the origanal vid clip that I want to use as a back drop for a discussion on the following points:
1) “Don’t call any one father”
2) “On Peter I will build my Church” Is Peter the first Pope?
3) “My body is real Food” Transubstantiation
4) “Final Authority” What or who is your final authority?

So here is a clip I’m trying to get Father John Hollowell to watch and respond.

Here is how bible believing followers of the Lord Jesus see the teaching by Jesus, regarding His comments about call anyone Father.